The Benefit of Using HR Analytics for Talent Planning

Talent planning and management is crucial for business growth and success. In this article, we’ll be discussing an optimal strategy for achieving this, and the all-important benefits of using HR analytics in the process.  The Benefit of Data-Driven Talent Planning In the simplest terms, talent planning refers to spotting skills gaps and acting on this […]

How to Calculate Effective Rewards and Benefits for Employees

Having the right employee strategy in place can attract top talent and ensure employee satisfaction, both of which ultimately improve your employer brand. Many businesses today are shifting towards a Total Rewards Strategy, with goals and incentives in place to inspire productivity and performance.  The Total Rewards Strategy There is a focus on well-rounded wellbeing[…..]

HR Analytics: Absenteeism and the cost to your business

One of the biggest costs in running a business is usually staff salaries. When assessing the cost of absenteeism, it can be quite shocking to see the amount of money a company can lose just because people don’t come to work as expected. There may be many reasons why staff can’t get to work, from[…..]

HR Analytics and Recruitment

Most HR practitioners know the true engine block that runs any business is the recruitment process. It may be only one of the many important functions of HR, but possibly it’s the most potent. For those not in the know, recruitment is like the background noise to a business; for those who do know, it’s[…..]

New Trends in HR in 2020

Whatever the year, and whatever the circumstances, the basic focus of HR remains on hiring the best and keeping the best. Trends in how to do that may alter on the back of technology and the state of national economies globally – but what remains steadfast is the forging of relationships between management and staff,[…..]

HR Analytics and Performance Reviews

Everybody hates performance reviews. Managers can find it awkward, and general employees can get really defensive and hot under the collar. It’s difficult for a staff member to listen to a personal review they may feel is negative because it’s undertaken by someone who is not objective. In addition, the process is labour intensive and[…..]

HR Management: tips for your career and upward mobility

Human Resources is the new ‘hot tech’ department these days. Previously, HR was about liking people, helping people, hiring, onboarding, and looking after the needs of staff. Strong people skills were certainly good to have, and helping people to drive their careers forward was a satisfying aspect of the role. But today true professionalism in[…..]

Digital Transformation in Human Resources

The digitisation of the Human Resources function is changing the way organisations operate as a whole – reassessing business strategies, recruitment and development processes, and operational regimes. It is a process that involves changing HR systems to become automated and data-driven in order to create a more harmonious and effective workforce, balancing weaknesses and strengths,[…..]

HR Analytics: does it really improve productivity?

“The entry of data analytics into HR is one of HR’s greatest opportunities to modernize the function and raise its level of value…migrating HR from its historically tactical function within a business to being a strategic function.” ~ Tracey Smith, HR and Data Analytics expert. HR Analytics uses data to examine employees’ behaviour in order[…..]