HR Analytics and Recruitment

Most HR practitioners know the true engine block that runs any business is the recruitment process. It may be only one of the many important functions of HR, but possibly it’s the most potent. For those not in the know, recruitment is like the background noise to a business; for those who do know, it’s[…..]

New Trends in HR in 2020

Whatever the year, and whatever the circumstances, the basic focus of HR remains on hiring the best and keeping the best. Trends in how to do that may alter on the back of technology and the state of national economies globally – but what remains steadfast is the forging of relationships between management and staff,[…..]

HR Management: tips for your career and upward mobility

Human Resources is the new ‘hot tech’ department these days. Previously, HR was about liking people, helping people, hiring, onboarding, and looking after the needs of staff. Strong people skills were certainly good to have, and helping people to drive their careers forward was a satisfying aspect of the role. But today true professionalism in[…..]

Digital Transformation in Human Resources

The digitisation of the Human Resources function is changing the way organisations operate as a whole – reassessing business strategies, recruitment and development processes, and operational regimes. It is a process that involves changing HR systems to become automated and data-driven in order to create a more harmonious and effective workforce, balancing weaknesses and strengths,[…..]