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We help organizations by providing them with data to make smarter, more accurate business decisions to help save costs and increase efficiency for data- driven digital transformation. 

HR Analytics Institute has partnered with Sapience Analytics to offer an advanced solution that automatically amasses data at every business level, channel, device and input and converts it into actionable reports that drive smarter business decisions

The problem

The Coronavirus pandemic is rushing companies to get their employees to work from home. What could possibly go wrong? How about:

  • Loss of morale
  • Loss of productivity
  • Employee disengagement

Before you implement any productivity tool, understand how a work-from-home situation impacts employees, and empower them to be successful in a new highly distributed and unstructured environment.

The solution

We provide essential, automated visibility into your remote workforce — and it can be operational within days with minimum overhead.

  • Insightful dashboards show individual and team work patterns and productivity levels
  • Employees’ own efficiency data helps them self-manage time without getting overwhelmed
  • Reports help managers identify patterns, address bottlenecks and ensure productivity
  • Gamification and wellness tools support morale

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