Global Data Integrity

Have you ever heard the question ‘where is this data coming from?‘, when presenting an analysis?

Data-quality is one of the most important factors for HR analytics success. If there’s any doubt about the integrity of your input data, stakeholders will question every result you present them. Garbage in, garbage out is the famous adage.

So let’s make sure there’s no garbage coming in. This master class teaches you the strategies and techniques that will help you bring the data-integrity at your company to the next level and embed a culture of data integrity.

You will start by assessing data integrity. During the class, you will acquire practical techniques and learn about the processes that you need to implement the necessary changes. This master class also pays special attention to the privacy and compliance aspects of working with people data.

Download the syllabus for a detailed overview of the lessons.

  • Data integrity, privacy, & compliance
  • High quality data systems
  • Cross-cultural implementation
  • A culture of data integrity

Cost: $347