HR Analyst

By analysing HR data you are taking the first step towards determining the impact of people related policies on your organisation’s bottom line. This entry-level course enables students to familiarise themselves with working on (HR) data using Microsoft Excel and Power BI. The HR Analyst course is specifically tailored to those people that have little or no experience in processing and analysing data.

The course teaches you to conduct basic data cleaning and analysis. You will learn to extract, merge, clean and analyse (large) datasets. Start small by applying strategic workforce planning in Excel and work your way towards building a custom HR dashboard by the end of the course.

  • Data-driven decision making
  • SWP & The HR3P Model
  • Linking Human Resources to ROI
  • Data Analysis in Excel
  • Dash-boarding in Excel
  • Connecting Data Using Power BI
  • Building Dashboard in Power BI

Cost: $597