Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Often times, we use interviews and performance reviews to generate insights into our workforce. However, reviewing dozens, if not thousands, of exit interviews and performance reviews can take up a lot of time and manpower.

Natural Language Processing (or NLP) enables you to analyse this large quantity of unstructured HR data, giving you insights in a matter of minutes. But how can you harness this new and exciting field in HR Analytics?

In this master class, you will learn exactly what NLP is, the various ways it can be applied to HR and how to build a chatbot. The master class also focuses on the hot topic of ‘voice of the employee’ (VoE). You will finish the master class by applying a sentiment analysis to your workforce in Excel.

  • NLP, Unstructured Data, & Basic Concept
  • Chatbot & Grammar Engineering
  • Voice of the Employee (VoE)

Cost: $297