Organisational Network Analysis (ONA)

The most common HR practices are still centered around individual people and human capital. Today, teams and networks are becoming increasingly important and social capital is known to be critical to both people and organisations. Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the networks within your organization will enable you to increase productivity, foster innovation, manage risks, and more.

Organisational Network Analysis (or ONA) creates an X-ray vision into the inner workings of your organisation – a powerful tool to visualise the flow of information and collaboration between groups. But how can you apply this to your organisation?

In this master class, Michal Gradshtein teaches you exactly what ONA is and the various purposes for which it can be applied. You will acquire practical techniques and learn to apply organisational network analysis to your organisation’s data.

  • Business Case & Network Basics
  • Running an ONA

Cost: $347