Strategic HR Metrics

  • Anyone interested in preparing for the role of a HR metrics specialist, HR Reporting manager or any role similar to these;
  • If you are in charge of HR Reporting & Metrics and want to set up a new set of relevant and standardised HR metrics;
  • If you are an HR Manager and want to implement HR metrics for your organisation;
  • If you are a member of the HR Analyst Team and want to start by getting the foundation right;
  • If you are looking to become an HR Metrics or Reporting Specialist.
  • Learn how to set up strategic HR Metrics that are relevant to your strategic business goals;
  • Determine the efficiency and impact of the workforce and the HR department itself;
  • Develop HR metrics, implement and align them with your organisation’s strategy;
  • Determine which metrics are relevant to your strategic business goals and how to implement those successfully, using the HR Value Chain.
  • Define and implement HR metrics that are aligned with the overall business strategy;
  • Understand the impact and use of HR metrics and their connection with HR analytics;
  • Know the different types of metrics that are out there and understand their respective impact and application;
  • Learn to compose an HR Scorecard;
  • Learn to use the HR Value Chain to define strategically relevant HR metrics;
  • Learn to benchmark your HR metric.


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