What are our delegates saying about our courses

Group discussions & sharing different HR Perspectives was valuable

Templates and models used are helpful

Professional facilitator

Practicals are good

Thank you for a fruitful 2 days

Every HR Professional needs this


The content is very good & well placed

The course is very informative

The course is useful

It gave me a view and better understanding on how to use data effectively

Very informative session

It helps to rethink how to do things differently

Helps you to add value to business stakeholders

Analytics methodologies & frameworks were useful

This could be the value HR has been looking for

It is well rounded and provides a holistic context & framework / approach

The case studies were interesting

Linking analytics to strategy

An amazing and informative course

It sets a good foundation to HR Analytics

This is great for anyone wanting to branch out into the Analytics side of HR

Thank you for a wonderful and insightful two days

Excellent course, excellent presenter

Content was amazing, more than what I expected

Exercises and examples were great

Practical insights that can be implemented

Course covered everything that I expected

Now I have a better understanding of how and what to measure

The entire course was an eye opener

Interactions with others was great